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Your personal data is data that can be used to identify you. Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us and we are committed to abiding by data protection laws that protect your privacy. This privacy policy applies to you if you are a customer for our private school contracts or if you hire a vehicle from us as an individual not employed by a business. This data protection statement outlines what data we collect and how we will use your personal data.


Who are we?

We are Andrews of Leicester Ltd the data controller. Address: 12 Slatebrook Close, Groby, Leicester, LE6 0EE. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Contact telephone number: 0116 2877017. Please read this privacy policy carefully and contact us is you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy.

The types of personal data we collect and why:

Full name, address, telephone number and email address
You will supply us with this personal data when you fill in an application for a place for your child on our school buses or if you hire one of our vehicles. We will use this data to contact you and to manage your account with us. If you are applying for a place on our private school buses your address will also be used to place a student on an appropriate school bus for your area. Telephone number will also be used in case of emergency incidents and an email address (which is optional) will be used to supply information to you such as confirmation of an application received/bookings or any future changes to our bus services.

Childs name and photo image (private school buses only)
We require this data to produce a valid plastic bus pass and any subsequent replacements. Bus passes are printed at our registered office.

CCTV images and audio
Our buses record CCTV images and audio for the purpose of increased passenger safety and to aid in the prevention of any anti-social behaviour or criminal activities. Images are also recorded for our driver’s personal protection.

We have no legal obligation to collect personal data about you, however we need to collect certain data about you in order to provide our services and without it we cannot process your application or manage your account with us.

How we store your data:
The hard copy of your personal data i.e the application form you send us, is stored in a locked filing cabinet at our registered offices. All school bus applications are assigned a unique code containing three letters and four digits under which your data is stored. Photos and account payments records are stored on a computer that is password protected and stored under your unique code only with no names or addresses. When contacting us with questions or making account payments it is important that you supply us with your unique code so we can access your data files easily. CCTV images are recorded onto a hard drive that is locked into the vehicle, it is downloaded onto a password protected computer at the end of the calendar month or if an incident is brought to our attention.

Sharing your personal data:
We do not transfer any personal data outside of the European Economic Area. We do not share your personal information with any other third party businesses for the purpose of them providing their products and services to you. The only data we share is a passenger list of the student’s names to the school to which the bus service operates. The school will use this data to notify students if there is any disruption to our services whilst they are attending the school, or to issue the student with a temporary bus pass if theirs is lost.

How long will we store your personal data:
Where we process your personal data to fulfil a school bus contract with you, we will keep this data until we have satisfactorily finished the end of the school academic year. If you have had a child travel with us during the current academic year then we will keep your data until the start of the next academic year. At the start of a new academic year all personal data relating to you from the previous academic year will be deleted and any hard copies of personal data shredded. This gap between the end of one academic year and the start of the next allows us to deal with any outstanding balances, complaints or general enquiries on your account with us. If you wish to continue to use our bus services you will have filled out another application for the next academic year to refresh the personal data we hold for you and to keep our records as up to date as possible. If you did not reapply to use our bus services then your data will be removed from our system and permanently deleted, unless we have a legal obligation to keep it. If you are hiring a vehicle then your personal data will be kept for 12 months at which point your data will be deleted.

Your rights in relation to personal data:
You can request access to the personal data we hold for you subject to a written request to our registered office. You can request that we correct any of your personal data that is wrong and also request your personal data to be deleted immediately if you apply to cancel your account with us. We may ask for proof of identity before this can be carried out. CCTV images can be viewed by an individual with a personal data request. The request must be for a specific event and CCTV images can only be viewed on our premises in the presence of a member of our staff. No subsequent recordings are to be made, unless we are required by law to provide a copy to a governing body. Face blurring technology will be used to protect other individual’s data privacy.

How to contact us:
You can contact us by telephone, email or post if you have any questions regarding your data protection. We may update this privacy notice from time to time. The most up to date copy is always available on our website:

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